Our Obedience Dog Training Service

Owning a dog or puppy is a wonderful thing, and it provides you with a four-legged best friend. However, having your dog listen to you, along with your commands, can be tough sometimes. Obedience dog training has many benefits for a dog or puppy because it is a way for you to establish rules between you and your dog. With the help of the capable experts at Bairds Waggin Dog Training, we can help get your furry friend to understand commands and react to them accordingly.

A Well-Behaved Dog

Having a well-behaved dog is not only beneficial to you as their owner, because they will now listen to you but also for them. The obedience dog training that you will get with us includes teaching your furry friend to sit, stay, come when being called, walk on a leash, lie down, crate training, and not to jump when not needed. Advanced training includes things like teaching your dog to walk backward, fetch, leave it, bring, drop it, find it, “watch me” commands, car loading, understanding signs, commands from a distance, as well as loose leash walking.

Our Professional Service

An untrained dog can keep you from enjoying some of the most fun things about owning a furry friend, like taking them out on walks, having them play with other dogs, and more. Bairds Waggin Dog Training is a professional dog trainer in Neosho, MO, and our goal is to help improve your dogs’ actions as well as their obedience skills. We have been providing obedience dog training services since 2012 and know all the necessary techniques and tactics to get your dog to listen, understand, and act accordingly.

If you are in Neosho, MO and are interested in our professional obedience dog training services and training classes, give the experts at Bairds Waggin Dog Training a call today by dialing (417) 680-6105 to make an appointment!

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