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Perhaps you want to communicate more effectively with your dog and ensure that he can engage with you and your family in a better way. Or maybe you’ve noticed that your puppy is smarter than average and you want him to reach his full potential. Either way, Bairds Waggin Dog Training can assist you! We are a team of professional dog trainers in Neosho, MO, and we offer an advance training program for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Contact us now to enroll your pet!

What Does Advanced Training Include?

Our advanced program includes a wide range of commands that will help your pet reach his potential and allow you to enjoy better communication with him. These commands include “fetch”, “find it”, and “bring it”, all of which are important if you want your pet to be able to retrieve items. We’ll also teach your dog to “leave it” and “drop it”, which are great for dogs who like to pick various things during walks and often refuse to let go of their “treasures”.

During our training, your dog will also learn proper car load techniques. Through these techniques, your pet can learn how to jump into your car on command, sit still and stay comfortable throughout the entire ride, and disembark safely when you reach your destination.

Another thing that we teach is loose leash walking. This is a great lesson for dogs who pull at their leashes and drag their owners when they’re walking. By helping your pet master loose leash walking, he can become a better company during walks, and you can find yourself looking forward to walking your dog instead of dreading this activity.

What Sets Us Apart

Here at Bairds Waggin Dog Training, use tried-and-tested training methods that help us teach lessons in a highly effective way. We never punish the dogs that we train; rather, we use positive reinforcement techniques to help them master new skills and retain what they’ve learned for a long time. Our instructors are experienced and fully trained, so you’re assured that your pet is in good hands.

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